The WTN 500kW – This turbine comes on a 50m fixed tower only so will involve a more in-depth planning process than it’s smaller sister machine, the WTN250. However with a 48m diameter rotor it has over1,800m2 of swept area meaning that this turbine is a real performer for those business’ with vast energy bills and looking for serious investment returns. As with the other larger turbines mentioned, this one is capable of returning a THREE year payback period which when you consider the £1.3m price tag is not bad at all. So you can imagine what the remaining 17 years of your income would be like!!!  

  • Tower Heights – 50m
  • Tower Type - Tubular
  • Architecture – Upwind
  • Cut in wind speed – 3.0m/s
  • Cut out wind speed – 25m/s
  • Survival wind speed – 59.5m/s
  • Rotor Diameter – 48m
  • Braking – Pitch System & Mechanical Disk Brake
  • Yaw Control – Active Yaw Control (Dog Vane)
  • Design Life – 20 years minimum

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