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SunPower.The world's most powerful solar panel, SunPower® uses more sun and generates more electricity than conventional solar panels - converting 21% of the sunlight that strikes it into electricity. As official SunPower® partners in the UK Solar Energy Alliance can help you get the most out of your roof and enjoy even greater savings on your energy bills.

Solar Energy Alliance have been installing solar panels for homes and providing solar PV panels and equipment for farms and commercial buildings in Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Kent, South Lincs, Cambridgeshire and London areas for the last 25 years. East Anglia's longest established solar energy company.

SunPower are suitable for commercial and domestic installations, SunPower® cells are up to 50% more efficient than conventional cells thanks to their unique patented technology, with all electrical contacts in the back. This technology allows a greater capture of sunlight and higher production of electricity, even on cloudy days or in extreme temperatures.

As well as being extremely powerful and efficient, SunPower® panels have no metallic grid lines on the surface of the panel, instead offering an attractive, sleek appearance which blends elegantly with any roof.

SunPower® comes with a 25 year performance warranty for the additional peace of mind that the reliable and high efficiency system will continue to perform for many years to come.



More Power - With SunPower solar panels you can install more power in the same amount of space than with other panels, up to 50% more than conventional designs and up to four times more than thin-film solar. Our residential solar systems require significantly less roof space, so you can use fewer panels to produce the same amount of clean, renewable solar power. With fewer solar panels you can also maximise your roof space to choose the best, unshaded location for electricity production. Solar systems are often described in terms of the amount of power they are capable of producing in a given instant (measured in watts or kilowatts). The most important factor to take into account when comparing residential solar systems, however, is the amount of actual electricity the system is expected to generate during its lifetime (measured in kilowatt-hours). When compared to other brands Sunpower modules produce the most electricity in a wide range of conditions over the lifetime of the solar system.




SunPower solar pv modules

SunPower modules produce more energy than any other solar panels on the market. Sunpower home solar panels are so efficient, you can make the most of your roof space to produce significantly more electricity. What does this mean for you? Highly efficient solar panels from SunPower generate more energy over the lifetime of your system than other panels. Which means that over the lifetime of your system, you will generate more electricity and save more money on your electric bills.


sunpower-solar-panels-the-most-efficient-ibn the-world

THE WORLD'S STANDARD. Sunpower is the industry leader with an efficiency of 20%
SunPower E20 Solar Panels provide today's highest efficiency and performance. Powered by SunPower Maxeon technology, the E20 series provides panel conversion efficiencies of up to 20.4%. The E20's low voltage temperature coefficient, anti-reflective glass and exceptional low-light performance attributes provide outstanding energy delivery per peak power watt.
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More electricity in real-world conditions. Sunpower pv modules effectively convert different wavelengths of light to generate more electricity. The SunPower premium monocrystalline cell substrate enables the cell to be very sensitive to very low levels of light. SunPower installations start the inverter earlier in the morning and continue to generate energy later in the day than other technologies. They maintain efficiency during initial break-in period. Most panels lose 3% efficiency when first exposed to sunlight. Not SunPower.
Black on black
The only true "Black on black" solar module. Form meets function. We designed our Signature black solar panels to generate the greatest amount of solar electricity per solar cell in an elegant panel format. SunPower have eliminated metal gridlines, put wide and thick metal contacts on the back of the solar cell, out of sight, and placed the solar cells onto a black panel background. So not only do SunPower Signature black solar panels capture more sunlight, our elegant engineering creates a streamlined design that blends harmoniously into the roof of your home. This refined design allows our residential solar systems to integrate with a wide range of environments and architectural styles.

Solar systems are often described in terms of the amount of power they are capable of producing in a given instant (measured in watts or kilowatts). The most important factor to take into account when comparing residential solar systems, however, is the amount of actual electricity the system is expected to generate during its lifetime (measured in kilowatt-hours). When compared to other brands,SunPower high efficiency modules produce the most electricity in a wide range of conditions over the lifetime of the solar system.

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SunPower is a world leading company with over 25 years of experience in solar. We are publicly traded (NASDAQ) and have offices all over the world with corporate headquarters in California, European headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, and manufacturing facilities in Europe, the U.S., the Philippines and Malaysia. SunPower is committed to sustainable manufacturing and is a member of PV Cycle , an organization devoted to the recycling of solar panels. Today, SunPower is an unrivalled leader in the solar industry. sunpower-solar-for-domestic-properties
SunPower Partner Network. The best in the business

SunPower Partners offer superior solar panel installation service and professional expertise to homeowners around the world. They are the local expert you can turn to for a turn-key SunPower solution tailored to your energy needs and financial objectives.
As SunPower authorised partners we comply with a stringent set of service standards and have gone through the most up-to-date training. Our services range from system design, installation, advice and maintenance. As your local SunPower installer we will take care of everything. As SunPower partners we at Solar Energy Alliance are grateful of their support and training. We strive to supply the best in our industry, SunPower enables us to do this. With only 180 failures out of 7 million sold this gives us as installers the peace of mind that we will not be out there replacing to many failures and if that rare event occurs, we will be compensated for our efforts.
Not all watts are created equal  

Product warranty

Industry first, a 25 year product and power coverage

Coverage of warranty replacement costs*

Financial stability and product reliability to back our commitment

What is the value of a warranty?
When investing in solar its important to understand what your product and performance warranty covers and for how long.
Product warranty
*Typically a solar panel manufacturer's warranty is for 10 years, after that period you may not be covered should a problem arise. The cost of replacing a single panel can be high when accounting for product, scaffolding, labour, recommisioning and testing.
SunPower products are backed with a 25-year product warranty, which covers the full cost of panel removal, shipping and replacement, giving you complete peace-of-mind.
Performance warranty
Many manufactures offer a 25-year 'stepped' performance warranty, typically guaranteeing 90% performance output for the first 10 years then only 80% for the remaining 15 years.
SunPower offers a 25-year linear performance warranty that guarantees over 95% performance output for the first 5 years, then a 0.4% degradation rate each year for the next 20 years. After 25 years SunPower panels will be still be producing over 87% of their original power.

Power guarantee More lifetime energy: 9.1% above the industry standard

More power: at least 95% of the minimum peak power for the first five years

Less than 0.4% annual degradation for the subsequent 20 years

With over 7 million panels installed, less than 180 have not met our performance standards**

Our global network of more than 2,000 highly trained partners are available to serve you

Our long-term financial stability ensures we will be there for you for many years to come



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