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The PowerRouter is more than just an inverter, it’s a fully integrated power management system - flexible and all-in-one. Generate your own renewable energy, store it, use it, or feed it to the grid. It’s all possible with the PowerRouter. This option is ideal where families are out the house in the daytime. In this case energy generated by the solar panels can be stored for later use.

One of the most outstanding features of the PowerRouter is its connectivity to the internet, which comes fully integrated in the system without any extra cost. Through the web portal you can monitor and control your system from anywhere, whenever you want. From any computer or iPad, you can log in and see detailed information about your PowerRouter, including revenue generated, energy balance and solar yield.

We are able to monitor the system status of your PowerRouter, install new firmware and perform updates remotely, saving precious time and money by avoiding unnecessary service visits.
The PowerRouter is your ultimate green energy system. It’s fully integrated, it’s reliable, it makes you independent, and most of all: it saves you money. You’re in charge!

The PowerRouter system is able to control whether the self-generated solar energy is used instantly, stored in the battery or fed back into the National Grid.

The system is modular in nature consisting of the PowerRouter Solar Inverter, the PowerRouter Battery Manager and the online monitoring portal, The system’s ‘connect and grow’ capability allows the system to be added to over time.

In addition to monitoring the generation, total energy consumption can also be analysed by the system by installing a special sensor for the PowerRouter. The sensor, which comes as standard with the battery system, measures the actual grid current. Using the web portal, the system owner is then able to provide up-to-date readings allowing direct insight into the energy production, system status and total energy consumption of the property.

The system is also capable of dynamically managing loads, switching on additional selected loads when there is a surplus of solar energy. For example, excess electricity can be diverted to an immersion heater instead of being fed back into the grid.

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