ienergy -Micro inverter

ienergy-Micro inverter is designed for residential applications of 1, 3, 5KW, and small to mid-size commercial grid-tied solar applications of 10~100KW so that every solar module is operating with the efficiency and precision of digital electronics. This delivers greater energy harvest, higher reliability and more intelligent operation. In addition, the safety and simplicity of parallel AC wiring make systems easier to design, install and maintain, and provide performance data via power line communications.


i-energy Smart PV Solutions

Unlike many of today's PV systems, i-Energy Smart PV solution combines all of the electrical components into a single package, resulting in a true Solar Appliance. i-Energy's expertise in programmable Semiconductor IC for the PV application has led to breakthroughs in parallel processing which make the Smart PV solution inexpensive and widely accessible. With demand for PV systems continuing to grow strongly, i-Energy has developed three product brands to meet the needs of specific market segments. In comparison, i-Energy simplifies solar electricity and offers affordable solar power that is accessible to everyone.


  • Longer product lifetime

  • No single point of failure

  • Self-diagnostics automatically detect performance issues

  • Produces 5-25% more energy

  • Minimize impact of shading

  • Delivers greater energy harvest

  • Plug and play

  • Save 50% on design and installation time

  • Safer for installers and firefighters

pdf. ienergy ibooster turbo 300 info.

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Ultimate Quality - Highest Real World Reliability - 25+ years Guaranteed


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