Leicester-based Greenologic has launched the Eliso4you – a single device that is capable of monitoring the output of a solar PV array, the level of grid exchange and the overall household consumption. greenologic

The Elios4you includes two digital inputs that allows the device to notify the user of any problems with a connected solar system such as an inverter alarm or if the solar breaker is tripped. The monitoring system also provides real-time data on the performance of the array so any problems can be identified immediately.   

greenologic_solar_pv_monitoring_system The monitoring device is also Wi-Fi enabled so it is capable of communicating directly to smart devices. Although the Eliso4you includes a 7” tablet, users are able to download a free Elios4you app on their device which provides a user interface designed to easily allow users to manage their energy performance.
In addition to monitoring, wireless controllers can be added to the Elios4you system that will allow users to automate self-consumption. Options available include wireless smart plugs and a power reducer for immersion heaters.

Zuber Vindhani from Greenologic explained: “For PV system owners, it has never been so important to maximise on self-generated energy, particularly when the energy companies are hiking up their prices.

 “Our market leading platform allows users to become more familiar with their energy behaviour, as the only way to beat spiralling utility costs, is to measure energy usage first, then control what you consume.

“Greenologic develops solutions with the installer in mind. Rather than taking a mass market route, Greenologic works with established companies that can deliver value-adding solutions through a knowledgeable installer base.”

The Elios4you system allows installers to provide on-going remote management services to the system owner providing installers with real-time energy data, alarm conditioning and reporting features.

Vindhani concluded: “People have spent a small fortune on a solar PV system, but in many cases are unsure if it is delivering on the projected ROI. Cheap modules and cowboy installers have contributed to this situation, so there are many system owners out there that need expert and reliable help from installers who know their stuff.”

ZB Connection provides high-quality solutions for transforming and replacing devices used in automation systems to transmit information wirelessly. ZigBee technology delivers reliable information transmission without the need of expensive cabling. Elements within the ZB Connection range include Repeaters, Gateways and Bridges.

Greenologic introduces the idea of “Plug & Play Network”. Using a ZigBee wireless network for which the installation and the commissioning is fast, simple and no specific skills are required. Large installations requiring complex cable runs will start to add labour and material expense to new and existing installations. 4Noks wireless Zigbee technology provides an alternative which is reliable, proven and cost-effective.


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