Evance R9000

The Evance R9000 - is manufactured in Leicestershire, UK, by Evance, a leading manufacturer of small wind turbines delivering efficient renewable energy solutions. This 5kW turbine is the most efficient small scale wind turbine available and is one of only four turbines to have FULL MCS certification.


The Evance R9000 is what’s known as an “up wind” turbine and will rotate according to the wind direction to ensure it is always fully utilising the wind available. A clever and yet simple control of the blade pitch angle (Reactive Pitch) regulates the speed of the turbine. This turbine starts generating at 3.0 m/s (6.0mph) and will continue producing right up to 60 m/s (134mph). Choice of tower heights for the R9000 are 10m, 12m, 15m, and 18m all of which are lowered to the ground hydraulically. Our larger turbines use tower heights from 25m to 50m which are all fixed towers. In terms of servicing this is a huge benefit as the entire tower and turbine nacelle can simply be lowered to the ground using a portable hydraulic ram system and hydraulic supply.


The R9000 small wind turbine is the result of nearly 12 years of development and has been system engineered to ensure maximum energy yield and durability.

Through specific design, the R9000 is able to capture more energy at lower wind speeds making it the most efficient 5kW turbine available. The turbine's reliability is backed by millions of operating hours in the field.

Key Features


UK's small wind turbine of choice

The R9000 5kW wind turbine has been engineered to ensure maximum energy yield by generating energy at low wind speeds, and by running continuously and safely at high wind speeds – the most efficient 5KW turbine available.


The R9000 delivers maximum energy yield

The R9000 starts generating energy at low wind speeds and is designed to run continuously at high wind speeds, so providing the maximum yield possible - giving you energy generation when the wind is blowing it’s strongest.

At low to moderate wind speeds the patented pitch system, Reactive Pitch™, holds the blades in the optimum position for capturing maximum energy from the wind. At high wind speeds the R9000’s Reactive Pitch™ mechanism automatically pitches the blades so it can regulate energy capture and blade speed. It therefore continues to capture energy – up to the full 5kW power rating.

The R9000 delivers you class leading performance - maximising the kilowatt hours of energy produced.

How it works

The Evance is a 3 bladed upwind horizontal 5kW turbine of exceptional durability and performance. Ideally suited to farms, rural businesses and properties. It is specifically designed to capture more energy at lower wind speeds and has a cut in speed of just 3m/s. The yaw control is via a passive tail vane and rotor. There is no gear box and the generator is highly efficient converting up to 96% of the energy captured into electricity. The R9000 has a patented reactive pitch control and has both on grid and off grid solutions. The fully optimised aerofoil ensures maximum yield and minimum noise.

The R9000 gives great return on investment


By installing a small wind turbine you can benefit from reduced energy bills and carbon footprint. In the UK and other countries, you can also receive an income for generating renewable energy and exporting power to the national grid.

Owners of the Evance R9000 in the UK are eligible for Feed-in Tariffs (FiTs).

An Evance R9000 wind turbine could generate an income from Feed-in Tariff and savings on energy bills of over £4,500 per year – for up to 20 years.

*Based on an average electricity consumption of 4,370kWh per year and the installation of an Evance R9000 5kW wind turbine, which can generate 13,653kWh per year with an annual wind speed of 6m/s.


The R9000 just keeps on running

We understand that minimal downtime is essential as you want your turbine working during a windy period. Therefore the R9000 turbine and tower are designed to provide outstanding durability in the harshest of conditions - exceeding both the durability and reliability tests under the UK’s MCS certification.

Over 1,500 turbines installed throughout the UK and many other countries ...millions of operating hours in the field

The R9000 has low environmental impact

The turbine is generally sited at least 100m from a neighbouring property so there is minimal noise impact. On a windy day it can sound like the wind in the trees.

Customers are surprised at the low noise levels of the R9000.

All small wind generators will create some noise, so in the UK, noise levels are measured to the standard set by the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS). The R9000 fulfilled the noise criteria and all others to become fully accreditted in July 2010.

A key design criteria of the R9000 wind turbine was the visual aesthetics of the system. The result is a modern and visually pleasing wind turbine which has a minimum visual impact on its surroundings - a distinct advantage for obtaining planning permission.

The R9000 requires minimal maintenance

Both the wind turbine and the tower are designed to provide outstanding durability - a minimum design life of 20 years. With few moving parts, in particular no gearbox, the R9000’s maintenance is minimal.

At Evance Wind Turbines we have supported the development of small wind turbine certification through participation in UK and international committees, and by providing physically tested data.

The Evance R9000, with its excellent design, was the first wind turbine under 10kW to meet the stringent requirements of the UK standard to achieve MCS product certification.

Combining patented state-of-the- art technology and elegant design, the Evance R9000 belongs to the ‘next generation’ of small wind turbines, offering class leading quality, performance and reliability.

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