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It’s not just the Greenies who are going solar; businesses large and small are too!
Edmundsons Electrical of Oulton Broad, Suffolk is yet another company to realise the benefits of generating their own “on roof” electrical power.  The installation by local company Solar Energy Alliance Ltd, based in the centre of town, is another success following their installation at the warehouse of Karpet Kingdom.
Chris Goodings, MD of Solar Energy alliance, said, “We are now picking up much larger commercial projects, as companies with high daytime energy use and large roofs realise that they can be their own power station.”
The rooftop array of 90 solar panels, will generate approx 19,073kWhs (units) of electricity per year, greatly reducing the stores electricity bill. It will also earn £2,397 per year from Feed In tariffs, a government backed scheme to encourage the use of solar and in so doing reduce dependence on ever depleting fossil fuels.


On a slightly larger and more international scale – Apple and Google are also “Going solar”.
How green is my apple? Apple announced plans to build the America’s largest end-user-owned solar array, which will be used to help power its massive new data centre in Maiden, North Carolina. This is part of Apples goal to bring the supply chain back to the US
Apple’s two existing solar farms and one fuel cell farm near its data centre are now all live and generating power.
Apple is rumoured to be working on an alternative way to charge it’s new iWatch, to remove the need for wires and chargers. Reports claim the first model will be charged wirelessly, while future models may be powered by solar or kinetic energy.
Apple’s solar panel farms were built and are operated by US manufacturers SunPower.. The solar farm across from the data centre has over 50,000 panels on 100 acres, and it took about a year to build. Whilst mentioning SunPower it is also worthy of note that Warren Buffet, American billionaire, has just purchased 32 square miles of SunPower solar panels for approx 2 billion dollars.
Google has just announced it will invest $80 million to acquire six utility-scale solar plants - five in California and one in Arizona. 

 Google currently owns the largest commercial solar deployment in the US—a 1.6MW installation that covers most of the buildings at Google's campus and extends even to shaded parking spaces.

Google will earn its investment back in 7.5 years, after which it will continue to enjoy free power for decades. With many low buildings, roof space was easily available. Solar also has the unique property of pumping out more energy when power is the most expensive—peak afternoon hours.
9,212 Sharp photovoltaic modules now cover the rooftops of the “Googleplex”. The installation can generate 30 percent of Google's peak demand power, or enough to light about 1,000 California homes.
Besides fulfilling their ideological commitment to renewable energy, they are also locking into lower, stable energy costs - the biggest expense in running data centres. These projects have helped usher in a real change in the perception of solar power, ie. Not just for calculators.

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