Desktop Study Initial site assessment (Remote).


In order to analyse the conditions at your site we will need your Postcode.  Before you submit your details we would like to offer you the following assurances:

  • Your site assessment is free of charge

  • Your details are confidential and we will not pass them on to any third parties or use them for any purposes other than your site assessment

  • We do not employ pushy salesmen. We believe in presenting the facts and letting you make up your own mind.

The main features of a good site are open aspects, no obstructions from buildings, trees, hills, etc. average wind speeds above 6m/s, are most suitable (at 10m above ground level.). Consideration to prevailing winds and proximity of neighbours are also important. We may need to clarify whether connection is available for single or three phase. Also which property is yours if it is not clear within a given post code. The study involves the following:

  • Checking the location using google earth.

  • A postcode based search of the wind speed or solar irradiation data.

From this we can determine:

  • Anticipated wind speed

  • Topography and turbulence of the land

  • Shadowing or flicker issues

  • Potential solar production

  • Noise impact

  • Available space

  • Distance from neighbours and hedgerows

  • Potential radar issues

This will enable us to give you:

  • A pre site survey cost estimation.

  • Energy production estimation.

  • Evaluation of Payback and Return on Investment calculation (indicative until full site assessment)

  • Potential CO2 emissions savings

  • Feed-in-tariff information. 

  • Which turbine or solar installation is best suited to your location and energy needs

  • We find out the estimated average wind speed from the UK Department of Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) website showing your average wind speeds. The BIS website holds wind data collected over 10–15 years for the whole of the United Kingdom, measured at heights of 10m, 25m and 45m above ground level. Although the data could never be considered 100% accurate, it is in most cases a good indication of the wind speed on your site, bearing in mind that wind can vary up or down 20% year on year.  From this average wind speed we calculate the estimated output and payback period of each of the different turbines that we sell. We use modling software programs to evaluate potential yields. If offered differing information, we will always take the lower reading, preferring to "round down, rather than up".

    If the desktop study is favourable we will visit your site and carry out an in depth survey and quotation. A fee may be requested depending on time and distance to your site. The fee for the survey is fully refunded if you go ahead with the installation. If you would like some more specific advice on what renewable system is suitable for you please get in touch.

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