We now offer a panel fitting service at the shows we attend or at our premises in Lowestoft.

Please ring 07825223489

for more details,  to make a booking or for advice.


  Fitted prices (at show or shop).

(inc. standard 10A charge controller and all that is show in kits description).

140W panel - £350.00
120W panel - £325.00
100W panel - £305.00
80W panel -   £290.00
Upgrade to visual display controller add £40.00


DIY Kit prices.

(inc. standard 10A charge controller and all that is show in kits description).

140W panel - £210.00
120W panel - £185.00
100W panel - £165.00
80W panel -   £150.00
Upgrade to visual display controller add £40.00


All Kits include - Appropriate controller, 1 x 4 corner brackets, 1 x 2 hole cable gland, 1 x Sikaflex adhesive mastic, 1 x pair of 5m  x 4mm cables with MC4 connectors (panel to controller), 1 x pair of 1m x 4mm cables with eyelets (controller to battery), self tapping screws to fit panel to brackets.

120W and 140W Kits also include 1 x set of 2 side spoiler brackets.


Solar /panel fitting service for Motorhomes - boats - caravans - camper vans - off grid applications.

We can fit for you at any of the shows listed below or - Bring your van to us at our shop in Lowestoft or to local campsite (click link below to see sites local to us)

or we can give you a price to come to you.

Click for link to Touring sites in or near Lowestoft


Complete Kits for DIY fixing of Solar Panels

We can supply you everything you need as a DIY kit - Panels, fixing brackets, corner pieces and side supports, cable glands, mastic adhesive,    cable extensions, additional connectors, charge controllers, display units and batteries. Just give us the dimensions and we will make a kit to your needs.


Please visit us at the shows we attend for some great bargains or to have your solar panel fitted at the show,

please ring 07825 223489 for more details or to make a booking.

Ring 07825 223 489 to arrange to have a solar panel fitted to your van whilst you visit the show.


Please contact us on 01502 515 532 for travel rates or group booking

(ie we can usually fit 3 installations in a day and friends can share travel costs between them).

For boats we offer a fitting service within the Norfolk Broads area.

Public moorings are available in Oulton Broad area.

Link to info about moorings and other usefull stuff on the Norfolk Broads.

Come and enjoy some of the attractions of the Norfolk Broads whilst having a solar panel fitted at our shop or at nearby site or mooring.

Or we will fit for you at one of the events we will be exhibiting at.

The remaining shows we are attending for the rest of this year are:


24th, 25th and 26th July, Norfolk Motorhome Show, Norfolk Showground NR5 0TT


14th, 15th and 16th August, The Western Motorhome Show, Three Counties Showground WR13 6NW



21st and 22nd September, UK Autumn Motorhome Show, Newark Showground, NG24 2NY


25th, 26th and 27th September, Motorhome Show Season Finale, Lincolnshire Showground LN2 2NA


Please visit us at the shows we attend for some great bargains or to have your solar panel fitted at the show,

please ring 07825 223489 for more details or to make a booking




Caravan, Motorhome, Camper van, cabin and boat installations:
The standard installation fee for our solar panel kits is £140.00, this will get the panel fitted and the cable run to the battery through the charge controller, it also covers any additional components such as conduit etc.

Installing the duo kits is also priced £140.00 to get the panel mounted and connected to the first battery, connection to the second battery is priced at £30.00 per hour. The SEA installation team will advise of estimated time and cost for connecting the second battery upon inspection of the vehicle.

Any additional work undertaken such as installing inverters, monitors or other devices is also charged at £30.00 per hour.

As with our solar installation the connection of a second battery in a duo system will be priced at £30.00 per hour, as will any additional work undertaken.

If SEA are coming to you for installation there will be a £1.00 per mile fuel surcharge for the first 50 miles and £0.50 per mile thereafter - round trip. We are happy to give you a quote for this.


Fixing instructions for Solar Panels.
1. Tools and Equipment
Before commencing make sure you have all the required tools and equipment to hand. 
You will need. 
A pencil
Craft Knife (Stanley type)
Cross & Flat Head Screwdrivers
Electrical Screwdriver
Wire Stripper/Crimper (not vital, use craft knife and pliers)
Drill and drill bits (2mm 5mm 10mm)
emery paper fine
Cleaning liquid spray (Elbowgrease) NB. we found white spirit still left an oily deposit.
Ladder or working platform (be safe) 
Sealant gun/dispenser (for the Sikaflex)
Masking Tape.


2. Location and Marking Out
Make sure you have a safe and secure working position.
Place the panel and appropriate brackets on the roof in its planned location.
(Be aware that aerials and satellite dishes adjacent to and able to shade the panel will decrease its output considerably.) 
Make a note of where the electrical connections to the panel are.
Decide where the roof gland is to be situated, preferably as near to the panels electrical connections as possible and above a cupboard so the wires entry into the vehicle is into the cupboard (long runs of wire across the roof are best avoided if possible)
Draw around the brackets with a pencil
Draw around the roof gland with a pencil.
Either fix brackets to panel first or raise the panel up and slide the panel fixing brackets in place and draw around them with a pencil. One at each corner and one in the middle of each longest side if panel is above 100 Watts. If roof is flat, brackets can be fitted directly to panel.
If curved fit to roof and then attach panel.
Move the panel and roof gland away from the work area. 


3. Cleaning
All the points where the brackets and roof gland are to be bonded to the roof must be flat and thoroughly cleaned. Some roofs have a slight bobbily effect which should be rubbed down to a smoother finish. 
Clean the area to be bonded thoroughly, dry & then lightly abrade the area to give the bonding a key.
Clean the area again to remove any dust.
Likewise lightly abrade the roof the brackets and roof gland with emery or glass paper.


4. Drilling the cable entry point.
Drilling the roof of a Motor home, boat or caravan can be quite daunting, but the wire has to come in somewhere and into a cupboard is usually the best option. 
Decide where you want the gland to be on the outside, then check inside to see if this is a suitable location. When you are happy that you have chosen the best spot, drill a small pilot hole, usually from the inside. Check outside that all is ok. (A small hole is a lot easier to correct than a large one).
If you are happy with both the inside and outside locations for the gland and wire drill a larger hole through the inner skin from the inside. Then stop and check to make sure there are no wires in the way, and then drill through to the outside. (Clean again around the hole to remove and dust and debris.)
(NOTE: Make sure the 12 volt positive and negative wires to the panels are attached when the terminals are accessible).


5. Fixing the brackets to the panel
Brackets are fitted to panels using the self tapping stainless screws - (provided with kit).
drill 5.5mm hole for brackets, same for panel (this is the suitable size for the self tapping screws provided).


6. Fixing the brackets to the roof.
Everything should now be in place to fix the panel. 
Squeeze an even layer of Sikaflex over the fixing / contact area of each brackets location on the roof. 
Place the panel in position making sure not to slide it sideways on the Sikaflex, apply a gentle but firm downward pressure making sure that the panel is even and level to the roof.


7. The Roof Gland
Fixing the roof gland can get a bit messy. It is virtually impossible to feed the wire through the gland after it has been fixed in place. Slide the wire from the solar panel through the gland.

Push the end of the wire through the hole into the vehicle. (very useful to have someone on the other end of the wire)
Place the gland over the hole in its correct position and check that the wire from the panel to the gland is the right length. 
Tighten up the gland.
lift the gland clear of the roof leaving the cable still hanging in the hole.
Sikaflex the roof and locate the gland on the Sikaflex. 
Place a weight on the gland to hold it in place until cured or hold in place with screws in pre-drilled holes. 
Do not pull the cable around inside the Motor home until the Sikaflex has cured.


8. Wiring it up
Fix the control unit and the display unit (if separate), in convenient locations.

Attach the battery wires according to the charge controller’s instructions (possitive and negative picture of battery above connection point).

NB It is advisable to always connect battery to controller before connecting panel as in some cases the controller may be damaged if there is no battery to send power to.
Attach the wires from the solar panel to the charge controller (picture of panel above connection point).

Check display to see that everything is working.


9. Finally
Now everything should be connected and watertight.
Get back up to the roof and clean off the excess Sikaflex and check everything is secure and there are no tools left on roof.

N.B. Please Note: It is advisable to use disposable gloves when using Sikaflex.


We currently have all modules in stock

120 Watt, 40 Watt, 80 Watt, 100 Watt, 120 Watt and 140 Watt rigid frame modules.

These are available with fixing kits which include everything you need apart from basic tools.

We have a wide range of controllers to accompany our kits, from the basic to dual, to the advanced MPPT with display options.

Please see below or ring for more details.


Solar panel mounting brackets /corner mounts for motorhome, campervan, caravan or boat

Shop for fixing brackets, corner brackets, side pieces for larger panels, cable glands, cable extension kits, sikaflex adhesive mastic, small modules, charge controllers and other accessories.

Sorry we do not have a click and buy site but we can take credit or debit card payments, please ring with your details and we can ususally send your order out on the same day.

Charge Controllers

30A PWM solar charge controller with LCD and data logging features £55 more info.

Solar controller 30 Amp with display and data logger £55.00


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