PR3030 Solar Charge Controller with LCD Display


30 Amp Solar charge controller/regulator. Made in China by Fangpusun

30 Amp Solar charge controller: PR3030 with graphic display and datalogging features.

Automatic recognition of battery voltage (12 V / 24 V) 

CE and ROHS certificates 
2 year warranty


Buttons A simple scroll up/down button allows you to view the display and data logging functions.


On/Off button controlls all loads up to 30 Amps connected to controller. LVD (Low Voltage Disconnect will operate for battery protection).


LCD Display windows

Window 1. (Default SOC) The State Of Charge (SOC) is represented visually in the form of a fuel guage and percentage display.

Displays the charge level, day/night level and consumer on/off.  Instead of SOC value, flashing battery voltage is displayed during low voltage warning and control.



Window 2. Battery Voltage  Displays the battery voltage measured by the regulator PR3030-30-amp-charge-controller
Window 3. Module output:  Displays real time solar module`s current output PR3030-solar-chqarge-controller
Window 4. Charging Current:  Displays the charging current flowing into battery from solar module. If battery is low this begins as full module output and then tapers off as battery becomes full and charge meets more resistance. PR3030-solar-charge-controller-30A-with-LCD-display
Window 5. Load Draw:  Displays the current drawn from battery by appliances connected to the load output PR3030-30-amp-solar-charge-controller-with-LCD-display-and-data-logger
Window 6. Ah+in Battery Charging Meter:   Displays the cumulative sum of recharged Ah since installation or reset PR3030-solar-charge-controller-with-LCD-display
Window 7. Ah-out Battery Discharging Meter:  Displays the cumulative sum of Ah drawn by load from the battery since installation or reset PR3030-solar-charge-controller-with-LCD-display-and-data-logger
Warning Window. Deep Discharge Protection:  As an early warning the SOC bar or voltage value flashes.  The face still looks friendly. PR3030-solar-PV-charge-controller-with-LCD-display-made-in-china-by-fengpusun-2-year-warranty
Warning Window. Load Disconnection:  If the deep discharge protection has been activated, the SOC bar or the voltage value flashes and the face looks sad until reconnection point has been reached fangpusun-PR3030-solar-pv-charge-controller-with-LCD-display
Functions PWM shunt battery charging and protection 
state of charge (SOC) battery regulation

-Automatic detection of voltage 12 or 24V
-PWM control 
-Load disconnection depending on SOC 
-Automatic load reconnection 
-Temperature compensation 
-integrated data logger 
-Night light function 
-Integrated self test 
-Monthly maintenance charge 

Electronic protection functions 
-Overcharge protection 
-Deep discharge protection 
-Reverse polarity protection of load, module and battery 
-Automatic electronic fuse 
-Short circuit protection of load and module 
-Overvoltage protection at module input 
-Open circuit protection without battery 
-Reverse current protection at night 
-Overtemperature and overload protection 
-Battery overvoltage shutdown

 Electronic protection functions
Overcharge protection
Deep discharge protection
Reverse polarity protection of load, module and battery
Automatic electronic fuse
Short circuit protection of load and module
Overvoltage protection at module input
Open circuit protection without battery
Reverse current drain protection at night
Overtemperature and overload protection
Battery overvoltage shutdown

Multistage charging technology

boost charging 
equalising charge 
float charging Displays 

Graphical LCD display 
for operating parameters, fault messages, self test 
Simple menu-driven operation 
Programming by buttons 
Manual load switch

built in Ah counter 
automatic load reconnection 
manual load switch 

temperature compensation 
field adjustable parameters by two buttons 
lighting control options during night time use 

With the lcd screen you can view 
Battery state of charge 
Battery voltage 
Actual production from solar panel 
Charging current to battery from solar panel 
Accumulative sum of Amp hours 

and if the load output is used, Note: up to the amp rating of the controller (30 Amps) 
Current drawn by load 
Accumulative sum of drawn amp hours 
Deep discharge warning 
load disconnection if battery voltage to low


Hybrid controller

State of charge determination with AtonIC (SOC)
Load disconnection depending on SOC
Automatic load reconnection
Temperature compensation
Common positive grounding or negative grounding on one terminal
Integrated data logger

Night light function
Integrated self test
Monthly maintenance charge

Manual load switch


Approved by the World Bank for Nepal

Compliant with European Standards (CE)

ROHS compliant




  • Hybrid controller
  • State of charge determination with Fangpusun AtonIC (SOC)
  • Automatic detection of voltage
  • PWM control
  • Multistage charging technology
  • Nightlight function
  • Electronic protection functions

Electronic protection functions

  • Overcharge protection
  • Deep discharge protection
  • Reverse polarity protection of load, module and battery
  • Automatic electronic fuse
  • Displays

Graphical LCD display

  • for operating parameters, fault messages, self test
  • Operation
  • Simple menu-driven operation
  • Programming by buttons
  • Manual load switch

Please Note: the regulator is only suitable for the following chargeable 12V or 24V

  • Lead storage batteries with liquid electrolytes
  • Sealed lead storage batteries; AGM, GEL
  • The respective battery type can be set on the regulator

How to Make a Warranty Claim

If you believe your product is faulty or defective due to improper manufacturing or construction, please follow these steps to make a warranty claim:

  • Contact regarding the details of the faulty product. We will try to confirm whether or not the product is indeed faulty through simple testing, however you may be required to return the product to us at your cost for more advanced testing.
  • Once the product has been confirmed to be faulty, we will repair or replace it under the terms of the relevant warranty. Fees may apply for pro rata warranties or transport costs to send a replaced or repaired product.

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