Project Management and Installation

Once all of the consents are obtained the turbine would be ordered and the site prepared for installation. The preparation works include constructing the foundations for the wind turbine and laying the main cables back to the grid connection point, and making any changes to the on-site electrical distribution system so that it is ready to make best use of the generated electricity. Some sites require access upgrades to make sure the crane and delivery vehicles can get access to the site.
Normally these works are included in the price quoted for the wind turbine installation, and if there is any special work required at your site this would be defined in your quote. SEA are installers as well as consultants, so we can manage the whole installation process from start to end ensuring the minimum disruption during the installation phase. As mechanical and electrical engineers, the only aspects of the installation that we sub-contract out are the foundation and trenching work which are undertake by quality civil engineers familiar with our type of work.

Installing your wind turbine SEA offers a safe and competitive installation and commissioning process, using our experienced MCS certified wind turbine engineers, a typical installation follows the following steps.

Installation Stages

Civil engineering (foundations)

  1. Digging trench work

  2. Laying cable and backfilling trench

  3. Digging foundations

  4. Laying rebar and foundation structure & pouring concrete


  1. Delivery and assembly of tower

  2. Assembly and mounting of turbine and blades

  3. With all elements in place the tower can be raised, fixed, tested and commissioned


  1. Installing all electrical components such as inverters, rectifiers and meters

  2. Commision and test

  3. Documentation, certification


On-going Operation & Maintenance Services

We can provide routine maintenance services and a call-out service for non-routine maintenance. As part of the standard maintenance package we would monitor the performance of the wind turbine remotely and schedule maintenance visits as required.
Our experienced MCS installers can provide all turbines with an annual maintenance contract, as wind turbines have moving parts maintenance is needed typically greasing, cleaning and thorough visual and mechanical inspection to ensure that equipment is well fastened and not unduly worn.


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