Fortis Montana Wind Turbine, 48V, 5Kw, including charge controller and heat sync.

2nd hand Fortis Montana, 5kW wind turbine (installed 2010), 48V. (new blades) Includes controller, heat sinc, 12M, 2 section galvanised steel mast, guy wires and tensioners (6), 8,000 watt inverter (48V) with 120 Amp battery charger combined.


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Fortis Montana spec sheet pdf.

Safety system
Safety system by hinged vane which will gradually turn the rotor out of the wind and a short circuit system for the generator. Stop switch – which shorts turbine to dead stop.

With it's near silent operation coming from its carefully designed composite blades the 5kW Montana is ideal for rural homes or business looking to reduce their carbon footprint and actually benefit from the rising energy costs.. * Maximum Output 5.8kW * Rotor Diameter 5m * Annual Yield 9,500kWh at 6m/s * Tower Hieght 12m * Average Turbine Lifetime Over 20 Years * Maintenance Free Direct Drive Design




12m Mast

8kW inverter charger

Wind Turbine Blades
Blades are made of fibreglass reinforced epoxy (New July 2013)

Gin pole included. (No foundaton anchor plates or base plate)


12m mast, 2 section galavanised steel, 6 guy wires with tensioning turnbuckles.


8000 watt, 48 volt, 120 amp Studer Xtender Inverter/Charger
This advanced Xtender Inverter/Charger is rated at 8000 watts for a 48 volt system.
Technical specifications:
Nominal battery voltage: 48V
Input voltage range: 38 – 68V
Continuous power @ 25°C: 7000VA
Power 30 min. @ 25°C: 8000VA
Power 5 sec. @ 25°C: 21kVA
Max. efficiency: 96%
Consumption OFF/standby/ON: 1.8W / 2.4W / 30W
Output voltage: 230V AC (+0/-10%)
Output frequency: 50Hz ± 0.05% (crystal controlled)

Battery charger:
Maximum charging current: 120A
Power Factor Correction (PFC): EN 61000-3-2

General data:
Input voltage range: 150 to 265V AC
Input frequency: 45 - 65Hz
Input current max. (transfer relay)/Output current max.: 50A / 80A
Transfer time: <15ms
Weight: 46kg
Dimensions: 230mm x 300mm x 500mm
Protection index: IP 20
Operating temperature range: -20°C to +55°C
Relative humidity in operation: 95% without condensation
Ventilation: Forced from 55°C
Acoustic level: <40dB / <45dB (without/with ventilation)

Ancillary Items: stop switch, isolator, cables, battery terminals and leads


Studer Xtender Series
The Xtender series provides an unmatched freedom of use thanks to its many functions. In a basic application, it offers together the functions of inverter, battery charger, transfer system and assistance to the source. These functions can be combined and controlled in a totally automatic
way for an exceptional comfort and an optimal management of the energy available. Its programmable auxiliary contacts allow as well the interconnection with existing systems or the implementation of extended functions.



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