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enphase has pioneered a new approach to managing solar power that makes solar systems smarter and more efficient.

Traditionally, solar panels are connected together in series circuits fed into a single, central inverter device otherwise known as a "string inverter" because all panels are strung together on one circuit. This means that one inverter often controls the whole array which could be tens, hundreds or even thousands of solar panels as if they are one unit operating at the same power level. This approach reduces the overall system efficiency and limits the available information about individual panel health.

Enphase replaces these large central inverters with small micro-electronics that attach to each solar panel. These devices, known as micro-inverters, allow each panel to operate independently, leading to significant improvements in energy production and adding a new layer of intelligence throughout the system.

By combining the power of solar energy with the proven advantages of communications technology, Enphase Energy products make photovoltaic systems more productive, reliable, smart and safe, increasing the energy harvest of solar panels by up to 25 percent.



The Enphase System

Each Microinverters integrates with advanced networking technology and web-based software to enable new levels of intelligence and connectivity in the solar array. Specifically, the Enphase Microinverter System consists of the following components:

  • The Microinverter that connects to each solar module and converts DC power to grid-compliant AC power

  • The Envoy Communications Gateway that networks with each microinverter and transmits performance information to the internet

  • The Enlighten software where Enphase customers can monitor and manage their solar power systems 24 hours a day

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Various Display options

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Enphase microinverters now have an app for mobile display




Solar systems are constantly affected by environmental factors, such as shade, dust and debris.

Using a traditional inverter means that everything is wired in series, and the lowest performing module determines the performance of the entire series. This is commonly known as “The Christmas Light Effect,” and can significantly decrease the energy production of the system.


The Solution

Enphase Microinverters allow each solar panel to operate independently and control the power from each with 99.6% accuracy.

This results in a significant increase in the performance of the entire system.


Low-light function

Traditional inverter systems typically shut off during low-light conditions, such as the morning and evening or during thick cloud cover. This is due to the fact that they require a minimum amount of incoming power to operate efficiently.

In contrast, Enphase Microinverters go into what’s called “Burst Mode,” during low-light conditions. At these times, the microinverter stores up the small trickle of power coming from the panel, until there’s enough to send a burst of energy. By doing this, the microinverter is able to maintain highly efficient operation, even during low-light conditions.



Enphase Microinverters use advanced power electronics and innovative parallel wiring to avoid common performance problems seen in traditional solar systems.

As a result, the Enphase Microinverter System significantly increases the output of solar systems. Enphase Microinverters provide the highest reliability solar installations by removing failure-prone central inverters and any single point of system failure.

To ensure the reliability of Enphase products, every new design is subjected to the harshest possible testing conditions, and every unit is tested at the factory and tracked in the field.

As a result of Enphase’s rigorous quality standards, third party evaluations have confirmed that Enphase Microinverters deliver a greater than 99.7% reliability.



20 Year Warranty as standard


More watts and why

Enphase system overview pdf.

Enphase Entrust offers the industry's leading warranty and servicing package, including a 20-year Limited Warranty

Enphase video on youtube:




Enphase Energy Co Founded in 2006 by Raghu Belur and Martin Fornage

Publicly listed on NASDAQ

IHS Reaserch reported that Enphase was the number one residential PV inverter supplier in the Americas with 53.5 percent market share.


Enphase has a distinct advantage over standard "string" inverters.

In a test comparing 2 properties both unshaded, facing due South, at roof slope of 25 degrees, modules were installed in a checker board fashion, with half on a string inverter, half with Enphase microinverters, the result was that Enphase out performed the competition by producing a minimum of an extra 7 percent power and depending on shading, weather and orientation factors, upto 25 percent more power than with conventional inverters.

There are more advantages: if there are trees or buildings shading the array. Shadows from Clouds. Modules miss-matched. Cells Miss-matched. Cells and modules degrading at different rates. Modules at the outer edge are hotter than those in the middle. Birds mess, leaves and dust.

Each panel opperates independantly of the others.


Enphase has performed state of the art testing before product release. 1 million power-on hours of damp heat and therrmal cycling.
Above and beyond expectations - even underwater. Enphase inverters are potted internally so no room for water ingress. Completely IP67 Rated enclosure and connections.

Less system downtime, more reliable, longer warranty - 20 years standard.

With a string inverter, if a panel fails you loose at least half the power from the array. If the Inverter fails you loose all power.
With Enphase, if a module fails you loose 1/16th of the power. If a microinverter fails you loose 1/16th of the power.


No miss-match for problems for arrays at different angles.
Modular, you can add more panels and microinverters without having to upgrade a costly string inverter.

All the information you need at hand


  • Communication Gateway
  • Intelligence: allows control and monitoring via the internet
  • Easy: Plug-and-Play installation
  • Reliability: monitoring and continuous analysis


cliick for pdf.

Coming soon Enphase Energy’s new management and storage system.

Why sell your electricity back to the grid for 4.8p/kWh when it is worth 14p to you? Save it and use when you need or protect against a power cut.

Enphase Energy  has launched a new system for energy management that aims to enable large-scale implementation of solar power integrated with the grid. The system’s four main components (see below) will be available on a rolling basis from the third quarter of 2015.

According to Enphase, the new system intelligently integrates the critical technologies needed to solve solar energy challenges at scale: smart grid intelligence, communications, big data analytics and storage. The energy management system offers the next-generation, smart-grid ready Enphase microinverter, plug-and-play storage, advanced control capabilities and load management.

The new system has advantages for users across the energy supply chain. For owners of solar systems, it provides a better return on investment. For installers and distributors, it expands the range of profitable business models and for utility companies, it provides a broader insight into and control of their infrastructure, making it easier for utilities to integrate and sustain solar energy on an optimized energy grid.

“Enphase is taking a fundamentally different approach to energy management,” said Paul Nahi, Enphase CEO. “The solar industry is dominated by static, isolated systems that do not integrate, communicate, scale or adapt quickly to changes in power generation. Our energy management system is designed to accelerate mass penetration of solar globally and make mainstream access to clean, affordable energy a reality.”

The Enphase Energy Management System has four main components:
Generating solar energy that is smart-grid ready, with advanced grid functionality, enables maximum penetration of distributed solar on the grid. Designed to meet current and future requirements, the fully bidirectional, software-defined microinverter supports reactive power control and other advanced grid functionalities. Enphase S-Series Microinverters are the most advanced and easy-to-install smart grid-ready microinverters on the market.

Enphase AC Battery™ is an advanced energy storage solution with a modular, plug-and-play storage device fully integrated into the Enphase Energy Management System. Based on a distributed architecture, the AC Battery is a safe, reliable and easy-to-install storage solution, designed for residential and commercial applications. The modular battery provides system owners with the ability to store solar energy for future or nighttime use, optimizing solar power consumption and giving owners greater energy independence.

Enphase’s new Envoy-S expands from energy monitoring into full revenue grade metering of solar production, metering of home consumption, and storage management. Ruggedly constructed and suitable for installation in outdoor enclosures, the Envoy-S offers a full range of networking connectivity options. In addition to Ethernet, integrated Wi-Fi not only allows for easy connection to broadband systems but also functions simultaneously as an access point for integration with Enphase’s mobile application and other home automation solutions. An optional cellular modem completes the package; designed in collaboration with AT&T, the plug-and-play M2M data plan makes networking a snap.

Energy Management
Enphase’s Enlighten software platform enables customers to monitor system performance from any PC tablet or smartphone. Enlighten also monitors and optimizes the use of all energy sources—solar, stored and grid—providing remote visibility and control to every installation. Enlighten alerts system owners to performance issues, proactively supports operations and maintenance activities for installers, and helps utilities optimize and manage the grid, revealing trends and opportunities.


more information on Enphase battery System


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