The Endurance E-3120 50kW Wind Turbine
  • Tower Heights – 24m & 30m
  • Tower Type - Monopole
  • Architecture – Downwind
  • Cut in wind speed – 3.5m/s
  • Cut out wind speed – 25m/s
  • Survival wind speed – 52m/s
  • Rotor Diameter – 19.2m
  • Braking – Rapid Fail-Safe Dual Mechanical Brakes
  • Yaw Control – Active Yaw Control (Dog Vane)
  • Design Life – 30 years (Annual Service & Maintenance)


    Endurance E-3120 – A 50kW  turbine manufactured in Canada with a 30 year design life. This turbine sits on a fixed tower of either 24m or 29m. These turbines are also very efficient, having a 19m diameter rotor they produce huge amounts of energy from lower wind speeds. Approximately 164,000kWh from just 6 m/s and will start generating from only 3.5m/s with a survival wind speed of 52m/s (116 mph). The Endurance has also been designed to be very quiet and the noise levels will not interrupt a conversation when stood at the base.





    The Endurance E-3120 wind turbine is designed to produce renewable energy efficiently, reliably,safely, and quietly. This turbine is ideal for larger farms, schools, hospitals, and commercial/industrial sites, and will produce 100,000 - 250,000 kWh per year in appropriate winds.

    E-3120 Benefits

    • Reduces the environmental footprint of your electrical energy supply
    • Eligible for renewable energy credits
    • Promotes community sustainability values
    • Lowers and stabilises energy costs
    • Provides energy independence

    E-3120 50kW Wind Turbine


    1 Anemometer and wind vane

    Measures wind speed and direction to control starting, stopping, and orientation of the turbine to maximise power production.

    2 Lightning rod

    Guides lightning to the ground, protecting the turbine.

    3 Nacelle control cabinet

    Houses the tower-top electronics in a weather-protected environment for maximum reliability. The main turbine control panel is located at the base of the tower for easy access.

    4 Induction generator

    Delivers grid-compatible power and eliminates the need for an inverter or other power electronics. This improves efficiency and reliability, and reduces up-front costs.

    5 Fail-safe disc brake system

    Safely stops the wind turbine using twin brake callipers in situations such as extreme wind or grid failure.

    6 Gearbox

    Drives the generator at full speed while the rotor turns slowly. The gearbox uses rugged, conventional design for long life and high reliability.

    7 Access ladder

    Allows easy and safe access to the nacelle for maintenance. Safety is a top design priority.

    8 Yaw damper

    While the turbine is aerodynamically oriented by the wind, the yaw damper smoothes the movement to ease tower and rotor loads.

    9 Pitch control safety system

    Provides backup protection against rotor over speed. If the rotor turns too fast for any reason, the blades are pitched by a spring mechanism to control the speed.

    10 Fibreglass blades

    Designed to quietly and efficiently produce energy, particularly in light winds.

    11 Tower

    Attractive mono pole or economical lattice towers are available in sizes from 30.5 to 42.7 metres (100 to 140ft) to comply with height restrictions or reach the best winds at your site.



    Production Efficiency

    Most distributed wind customers did not select their site for wind resources, but look to generate power from the wind available to them. Endurance wind turbines are designed specifically for less-than-perfect wind conditions.
    • Swept Area
      The blades capture the energy of the wind. The larger the rotor diameter, the more wind energy the turbine captures. The Endurance E-3120 has a 19m (63 ft) rotor diameter- one of the largest rotor diameters per rated kW in its class- to capture the most wind energy.
    • Motoring
      Motoring starts the blades spinning so the turbine operates in lighter wind conditions than if it relied solely on the wind to start.
    • Generator Type
      The induction generator produces electricity that can be transferred to the power grid without inverters. This provides lower equipment and maintenance costs and increases overall power production.


    All Endurance turbines have been extensively tested to ensure customers receive dependable energy production. They are built with proven commercial components for durability and easy support in the future.
    • Five Year Warranty
      Endurance offers one of the best warranties in the wind industry, covering all defective components and labour for five years.

    Safe Operation

    When the turbine control system detects any fault, such as high wind or a grid power loss, the dual calliper disc brake system activates, safely stopping the turbine until the condition is cleared.
    • Passive Stall Rotor Design
      The fixed-speed rotor aerodynamically stalls the blades as the first layer of protection for the turbine during high winds.
    • Control and Remote Interface Software
      Each Endurance wind turbine is operated safely by an onboard computer system with advance control logic. This system also records data including energy production, average power, wind speed and event history. Turbine controls and data are also remotely available from a web browser.

    Quiet Operation

    • Quiet operation is essential for a wind turbine in a community environment. Endurance turbines use slowly turning blades and high-quality manufactured components to make them the quietest turbines in their class.

    Clean Aesthetics

    • A wind turbine makes a powerful statement about your commitment to the environment and clean energy. Endurance wind turbines have clean lines and make an attractive addition to any landscape.





    Configuration 3 blades, horizontal axis, downwind
    Rated power @ 9.5 m/s 50 kW
    Applications Direct grid-tie
    Rotor speed 43 rpm
    Cut-in wind speed 3.5 m/s (7.8 mph)
    Cut-out wind speed 25 m/s (56 mph)
    Survival wind speed 52 m/s (116 mph)
    Overall weight 3,990 kg (8,800 lbs)
    Rotor diameter 19.2m (63.0 ft)
    Swept area 290m² (3120 ft²)
    Blade length 9.00m (29.53 ft)
    Blade material Fibreglass/Polyester
    Power regulation Stall control (constant speed)
    Type Induction Generator
    Configuration 3Φ, 400 VAC @ 50 Hz
    Main brake system Rapid fail-safe dual mechanical brakes
    Secondary safety Pitch control system (for over-speed regulation)
    using passive, spring-loaded mechanism
    Automatic shut down triggered by : - High wind speed
    - Grid failure
    - Over-speed
    - All other fault conditions
    Control System Programmable logic controller (PLC)
    User Interface Wireless or wired networked software Interface for remote monitoring and control
    Turbine & controls 5 years parts and labour
    Types Free-standing mono pole:
    24m (80ft) and 36.5m (120ft)
    Maintenance Access Safe climbing system
    Working space inside the nacelle
    Tower-top work

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