12 years of AXITEC: Quality wins.

Based on years of experience in the development, production and sales of solar modules, AXITEC is able to offer above-average guarantees.Positive tolerances, 12 year warranty or linear performance guarantee, you will always get added value in terms of quality and performance.

AXITEC GmbH was established in 2001. For years the company, headquartered near Stuttgart, has been one of the qualitatively leading global manufacturers of solar modules. The core competence comprises the complete process chain for solar modules from development and manufacturing through quality assurance to sales and service.
AXITEC solar modules are exceptional in the solar power market in that they offer an output of up to 4.99 Wp above the nominal rating. This additional output improves the return-on-investment for customers therefore the system will pay off faster.
High quality yields high performance. Our globally functioning quality system enables us to guarantee our customers more power and this also with annual precision. You as our customers have the assurance that the results of your PV system are secured over a period of 25 years.The polycrystalline modules of the AXIpower series are the all-rounders among the AXITEC modules.
Whether for small systems or power plants the high-quality solar modules with an efficiency of up to 15.37% provide an outstanding energy yield at reasonable cost.
The individual module components are sealed into a waterproof, weather resistant unit using a temperature-pressure  lamination process and then equipped with a reverse-polarity protected plug system and a robust frame. The solar cells are electrically connected. The number of cells used defines the  different module sizes and performances.

The individual measurement records of the AXITEC modules provides with a guaranteed power output within a power tolerance of ± 3%. The high performance cells with an average efficiency of 15% also  provide optimum performance under poor lighting conditions.
The soft-grip seam on the rear side of the AXITEC anodized aluminium  module frames contributes to the very good supporting and installation  properties. The proven hollow frame construction gives the frame extra  stability.

For flexible installation, the junction box is so constructed that it  does not project above the module frame. The junction box is equipped with  bypass diodes as standard. The installed diodes are not cast in place and this  makes them easy to replace at any time. In addition the cabling and the footstep-solid  and sealable plug system are extremely robust and offer excellent weather  resistance (TUV, IP67).
The frame of the module is such that the  panel can be used in any type of  atmospheric conditions, even corrosive and salty ones like that of Malta. The  frame is covered by a 10-year warranty. NO other panel has this type of warranty. It is useless to have a high warranted output from the panel when the  frame is not warranted. If the frame fails the panel fails!

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We do not use sales staff, your site survey will be carried out by an Energy Performance Assessor who will give you advice, talk you through your options, take measurements and asses roof suitability or any shading issues. He will also be able to give advice about (EPCs) Energy Performance Certificates. He will then compile a detailed quotation which will be posted or emailed to you, we will not try to sell you a system at your home and we do not use high pressure sales. We believe in presenting information, answering questions and leaving you to make up your own mind.