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solar energy alliance have been installing solar panels for 28 years
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Fix your daytime energy Prices at 7p/kWh for the next 25 years.
A typical 4kW, 16 panel, solar PV system will cost £5,990 installed. In East Anglia this will produce approx 3,400 kWhr/year. Allowing for degradation of performance of .07% per year, this system will produce 85,000 kWh of electricity over a 25 year period. If you use all of this daytime energy in the home then the price would be 7p/kWh fixed for 20 years into the future. (less than todays prices).
85,000kWh of electricity divided into £5,990 = 7p/kWh

We are already paying nearly twice that.

Plus system earns 13p for every kWh generated from FIT

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