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Once we knew we would like to invest in solar panels we went to a few installation companies to enquire about systems which would best suit our needs and pocket. We chose Solar energy Alliance because they gave us the information, which was easy to understand and jargon free; also there was no sales pressure. Once the information and price was given to us it was left to us to contact them if we wanted to. They answered any questions free and honest.

The price was a fair and honest reflection of the system we chose. .

The installation was carried out at all times with contentiousness and professionalism, as was any contact with any Solar Energy Alliance staff member. Solar Energy Alliance employees all worked as one team and if questions asked and they did not know the answer they found someone who did.

We are very pleased with our system and are now reaping the benefits. We can't believe how much free electricity and feed in tariff we produce, although we were told we would. In all we think we chose the best local company in the area.

Mr & Mrs Larcombe, Blundeston.



SunPower info page.



I visited Mr & Mrs Larcombe almost exactly 1 year after their system was installed (1 day short), as per the dated picture above. Our estimate for the power production for the first year using SAP (Standard Assesment proceedure) was 8,432kWh, I am pleased to report that the system had produced 9,863kWh (1,431kWh more than predicted). Thanks for the glowing testimonial, Mr & Mrs Lacombe, but if I may give one back, our installation team came back saying they were treated with great kindness and many cups of tea, thanks for all your hospitality.

Chris Goodings (SEA).


Further to this; Mr & Mrs Larcombe visited our shop in March of this year (2014) with a complete set of electricity bills, past & present. Interestingly, since having their SunPower solar panels fitted, their electricity bill for the year has halved. The cheques recieved from the Feed In Tariff scheme paid all of this bill, plus all of their gas bill as well, with a surplus of £500. Energy self-sufficiency at no cost into the future. With an income that is tax free and index linked to inflation for 20 years.

The SunPower PV system comprises of 30 modules of 333W from the E20 range giving 9,990Wp pdf. on SunPower E20.

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We do not use sales staff, your site survey will be carried out by an Energy Performance Assessor who will give you advice, talk you through your options, take measurements and asses roof suitability or any shading issues. He will also be able to give advice about (EPCs) Energy Performance Certificates. He will then compile a detailed quotation which will be posted or emailed to you, we will not try to sell you a system at your home and we do not use high pressure sales. We believe in presenting information, answering questions and leaving you to make up your own mind


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